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5 Reasons to Stay Single - Singling Podcast

There are a lot of positives in staying single and also reasons why you should stay single. So many people get into relationships for all the wrong reasons. I see it over and over again and it ends in a failed relationship. If you are feeling one of these 5 things, maybe it’s time to do some soul searching for yourself by yourself before jumping into a relationship with anyone.

  1. You don’t want to be alone: If you can’t be alone then you should NOT get into a relationship with just the first person to come along or the first person to want to date you. It’s healthy to be alone and figure out who you are and what you are looking for in a significant other.
  2. You are not over your ex: There is no worse time to get into a relationship when you still have feelings for your ex. That’s not a way to get them back and it’s just wasting your time and the persons time you’re dating. Take the time to get over your ex before you move on to someone else.
  3. You are settling: It’s simple, don’t ever settle. If you’re dating someone but you don’t really like them, stop! Know your worth and know that there are thousands of people in this world and eventually you will meet just the right one. Move on so they can move on.
  4. You are not ready to commit to one person: You are having too much fun dating lots of people and can’t commit to just one. You want your cake and eat it too. That’s fine, stay single and enjoy it, you’ll be ready when you are ready.
  5. You keep picking the wrong people for you: All your friends are warning you about this person but for some reason you get sprung. Listen to your friends and family because they will spot things you never will. Trust your friends to help navigate you to the right person.