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Bring Back Old Fashioned Dating - Singling Podcast

Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would be scrolling through our phones swiping back and forth on people’s faces? This has caused our society to be more shallow than ever. Only in this era is it perfectly passable to meet someone, spend time with this person and then “ghost” and never speak to them again. When did we make it acceptable to give no explanation? What happened to real connections, real relationships and old fashioned dating? Here’s some ways to bring back Old Fashioned Dating:

  1. Chivalry isn’t dead: There are still nice guys out there willing to open a door for you and treat you with respect. Don’t lower your standards because society is making it “acceptable” to treat people poorly.
  2. Really get to know someone: Take the time to invest in one person. There are way too many superficial “relationships” that don’t last and it’s because no one is even giving anyone a real chance.
  3. Ghosting: Why is this a thing? Is it really that hard to tell someone you are not that interested? Let’s start being honest with ourselves and others.
  4. No time rules: Do we really think that if you text someone they don’t have their phone right next to them? We are all fooling ourselves to think they haven’t seen your text yet and are to “busy” to respond. It takes seconds to respond to a message. Let’s stop playing all the games.
  5. The chase: Ladies if he likes you, he’ll chase you. Don’t chase boys because they are chasing other girls. This doesn’t mean you have to play a game. Just know if a guy likes you, he’s going to let you know.
  6. Make a phone call: Let’s use our “phones” for real conversations.
  7. Respect: Respect people and respect yourself. Let’s start treating others how we want to be treated.
  8. Drop expectations: Don’t expect something out of someone before you even meet them or know them. Dating is supposed to be fun, take the pressure off!