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Cheating - Singling Podcast

We just did our last episode on cheating. I felt that I didn’t explain what I meant by “cheating” is in every relationship so I must explain myself! What I was trying to say is that cheating/Micro Cheating is brought up in every relationship. Even the strongest most loyal relationships. I am pretty confident in saying that at least one time in any relationship someone does something to make their partner feel unconformable or confused by something their partner did and it can seem suspicious. It could be one of those “Micro Cheats” we talked about. Sometimes people do things and not even realize what they are doing or how one can perceive it. The best relationships are the ones that can communicate how they feel without getting jealous and immature. I think trust is the foundation of every relationship and that people need to trust their partners but also see any red flags. After trust comes communication, if you can master these skills you will have a much healthier and happy relationship. Keep singling!