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Digital VS Organic Dating - Singling Podcast

I hope you listened to our podcast on “Digital verse Organic Dating”. This is a good one for me because I really believe in both! I love the idea of online dating because right in my profile I can put that I am a mom. It automatically weeds through people who care or don’t care that I am a mom. I also like the fact that online dating opens you up to so many people that you may never have crossed paths with. I find that so fascinating. Technology has changed the game when it comes to dating.

Technology is a beautiful thing but it’s also our worst destruction. Now with technology people are always looking for the next best thing or wondering if the other 5 people they matched with online is better than the person they’re out on a date with. No one is taking the time to get to know one person because it’s so easy to find new people online. I think people need to invest more time in one person. Go on the second date. You can’t find out who someone is on one date.

Organic dating is slowly getting lost because of online dating. It’s much easier being rejected on your phone than to your face. I get it but guys please don’t stop asking girls out in life. It’s natural. I think I am so outgoing in life, I don’t have a problem talking to someone or even hitting on them. Yes, girls can hit on guys too. I think guys get flattered when a woman hits on them. Let me know what you think! Email me at singlingsd@gmail.com and maybe I will share your story. Keep singling!