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Grey Ratio - Singling Podcast

How’s your texting game or your “Gray Ratio”?

When it comes to dating, I am learning something new every single day. I just read about “Gray Ratio” when you’re texting with someone. I literally can’t even. I am so happy to be sharing this with all of you! The “Gray Ratio” is the amount of texts coming in as the ones going out. Are your blue boxes showing up a lot more than the gray boxes? Unless you’re a green person and in that case it pops up with green boxes. I don’t want to be the girl sending a bunch of messages in a row with no responses or one word answers back. We are all wanting the upper hand and until now I never even thought of this.

I think there is something to say to this “Gray Ratio.” It’s all about the effort being put in and until now I just haven’t been aware of it. I think I am totally guilty to texting more and apparently I need to slow my roll. I don’t want to come off looking needy or too wordy? I just can’t help that I talk so much in life and via text.

I am fully aware of this “digital” game now and I got the upper hand! My new rule, only send two messages in a row and wait for a response. Even if I have more to say. My dating game only gets better! If they’re not texting you as much as you’re texting them, they just aren’t that into you. Haha! Keep singling!