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When One Door Closes Another Always Opens - Singling Podcast

We just did our latest podcast on my “Breakup” and although it was only a short time it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Sometimes the “almost relationships” are the ones that hurt the most. You are almost there, everything is almost right and then just like that it’s over before it even began. I do know when one door closes another door always opens. One thing I am good at is not dwelling in the past and only looking into the future. Everything happens for a reason even if you still can’t pin point exactly what that reason is.

I found myself trying to wrap my head around what happened. Trying to figure out where it all went wrong. I sat thinking of all the scenarios of why this person doesn’t want to be with me. It finally came to me. It doesn’t matter what went wrong, it doesn’t matter why it ended. All that matters is it ended and he let me go. How can anyone fight for that? You can’t.

Relationships come and go and as long as you can take something away from each one and bring that to the next one it’s going to get you closer to the right one. I am glad this person came into my life, he showed me what I deserve and how I should be treated. He set the bar higher for the next guy that walks into my life.

Relationships are hard, especially in 2017 when options are limitless. It’s so easy to turn back on all my dating apps and start swiping. Washing away all the feelings I had and moving on with a swipe of my finger. It’s good and it’s bad, this is the exact reason why there are more commitment issues than ever before. We are all looking for that perfect person but I can assure you, no one person will fit into this one box that we all seem to create now.

Dating is supposed to be fun! We live, we learn and we move on. This is what dating is all about, meeting people, opening up to people, and learning from people. We have to put ourselves out there in order to find that person that complements you and wants to grow with you and who will be your partner in life. Dating is taking chances, taking a leap of faith and going on that second date. If you see something in someone always go on the second date. Keep singling!