I wanted to do a blog to all those single moms out there singling. I am not only surviving as a single mom but I am thriving! It’s really liberating to be a single woman and able to hold down a career, chase my kids all over the place and still find the time to date. I think it’s so important not to get lost in just being a mom or label myself as a single mom. I think I’m a double mom! I do double the work! Of course our kids are the most important and precious things in our worlds but if you don’t put yourself out there, we could very well wake up years from now alone.

There are great guys out there that don’t care that you have kids and actually embrace it. Don’t be googling “dating a single mom” you will find all sorts of different opinions and negative comments. Trust me I did this as embarrassing as it is to admit! Google didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know and that’s that moms are actually the real catch. There are so many positives to dating moms. I mean we are the ones who are responsible women holding down household and wearing a ton of hats all with a smile on our faces. When we make plans, we keep them! We went through all of the hassle to set up a babysitter so we won’t cancel last minute or be a flake. We don’t have time for the games!

I encourage you to get out there and date. Even if you can only get away once a month, do it! Not only will you meet some great guys but you will also find the confidence you need to find the one that you will keep around. Match.com is a great place to start! I would love to hear your stories. Email me at singlingsd@gmail.com and maybe I will share your story!  Keep singling!

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