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Things To Abide By Whether You’re Single Or In A Relationship: - Singling Podcast

When you’re in a relationship, there’s always talk of the future. Promises between you two that hold special meaning, and suddenly there’s this huge, scary idea of commitment (when you can’t even commit to choosing a place to eat). Being a part of one another..

And then there’s the single people who don’t really have anyone to make these overly serious and silly promises to, but still need to find time for themselves.

In your personal life, you need to find the time for the things that make you “you”. But either way, here are some things I need for myself whether I’m in a relationship or not (I encourage you to make a list of your own):

  • Always follow what makes me happy
  • Trying something that scares me, even if it’s just karaoke
  • Find real friends that I can always go to no matter what
  • Treat myself to a manicure, or the newest on sale item
  • Take a weekly walk on the beach
  • Make a new playlist for every occasion
  • Remember that the world doesn’t begin and end with social media
  • Start a new book or podcast every time I finish an old one
  • Take time away from my phone
  • Try a new hobby whether it’s reading, writing, biking
  • Take care of my body, even when pizza is calling my name
  • Work towards the job I want, even when it all seem unmanageable
  • Take a drive with no end destination (who cares if my gas tank is almost empty)
  • Get my “ugly” cry out -which happens to be super unattractive sobbing
  • Leave the house without make up on
  • Tell my family I love them whenever I can
  • Make time for simple things like taking a bath, or checking out a new store I’ve never been to

By: Samantha Boyd